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Grimsby, or to give it its full name Great Grimsby, is a town in Lincolnshire, on the South bank of the Humber.

For many years it has been one of the major fishing ports of England, and indeed of the world.

The town dates back to the Danish invasions, and its charter was granted in 1202.

St. James` Church dates from the 13th century, and has a fine combined clerestory and triforium.

A tower supplying power to the docks rises to 350 feet.

The National Fishing Heritage Centre is a popular tourist attraction which tells the story of sea fishing, both nationally and locally.

Austin Mitchell is the prominent local M. P.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Grimsby for groups.

Places in Grimsby

Grimsby Docks Station, Grimsby Town Station, National Fishing Heritage Centre

Places in Grimsby...