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Enfield is a town on the Northern edge of Greater London, formerly in Middlesex, and not far from Waltham Abbey.

Between the town and the M25 is some attractive open country, notably Enfield Chase, a former hunting forest.

There are a number of handsome houses in Gentlemen's Row and the area known as Forty Hill.

Forty Hall is an attractive 17th century house, built for Sir Nicholas Raynton, the Lord Mayor of London. With its walled garden and tea shop, it is open to the public, as are its gardens, which are now a public park.

John Keats attended school in the area, and Charles Lamb lived in Gentlemen's Row.

Sir Joseph Bazalgette, who created London's sewers and the Embankments along the River Thames, was born at Enfield.

The Enfield Small Arms Factory, opened in 1819, produced the Enfield rifle and the Bren gun.

The world's first automatic cash dispenser was established at Barclay's Bank in Enfield in 1967.

Enfield Football Club was the leading amateur team in England in the 1960s.

Places in Enfield

Capel Manor Gardens, Enfield Chase Station, Enfield Lock Station, Enfield Town Station, Forty Hall, Forty Hall Country Park, Lee Valley Regional Park, Myddelton House Gardens

Places in Enfield...