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Dudley is an industrial town in the West Midlands, formerly in Worcestershire and 8 miles from Birmingham.

It has long been known as the capital of the Black Country. Here in the 17th century coal was first used for smelting iron.

St. Thomas's church overlooks the town.

Dudley Castle, prominently set on top on the ridge 800 feet above sea level, dates back to the 13th century and is now an impressive ruin.

Dudley Zoo fills the grounds of the castle.

The superb interactive Black Country Living Museum, below Castle Hill, has reconstructions of regional life and industry, including rides on old trams, schoolhouse, fish and chip shop and coal mine.

The adjacent canal affords opportunities for narrowboat rides.

The Wren's Nest geological nature reserve is not far from the town centre.

The comedian Lenny Henry was born at Dudley.

Places in Dudley

Dudley Castle, Dudley Zoo