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Clifton is a district of Bristol, in what was formerly Gloucestershire but is now the county of Avon.

It started as a spa in the 18th century based on a hot spring, and developed into a stylish suburb, in what is a most attractive area.

In the mid 19th century a succession of elegant squares and terraces were built, as well as Royal York Crescent, the largest crescent in England.

There is a Catholic cathedral.

Clifton Suspension Bridge, across the rocky Avon Gorge, is 1352 feet long and 254 feet high. It was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1829, but not completed until 1864.

Clifton also boasts a Camera Obscura.

Bristol Zoo, opened in 1836, is situated on Clifton Down.

In a cricket match at Clifton College in 1899, A. E. J. Collins, then aged 13, scored 628 not out, the highest score in any form of cricket. He also took 11 wickets, and his team won by an innings and 688 runs.

Places in Clifton

Easter Garden, Royal West of England Academy, The Downs

Places in Clifton...