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Caldey Island

Caldey Island is off the South Wales coast in Carmarthen Bay, 2 miles from Tenby. Its Welsh name is Ynys Byr.

There have been religious communities here since the 5th century, including the modern Cistercian abbey, built in 1906.

The delightful little St. David`s Church dates from the 12th century. Close by is a statue of St. Samson, the second abbot.

The Old Priory ruins are a few minutes walk away. Adjoining, however, is the 12th century St. Illtyd`s Church, now the oldest Catholic church in Britain. The archaic looking spire is some way out of true. Within the church is a 6th century Ogham stone. The inscription has not yet been translated.

The monks make perfume and chocolate, both of which are on sale in gift shops, both here and in Tenby.

It is a paradise for birdwatching, and is home to seals.