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Tenby is a very attractive seaside town in South Wales, 9 miles from Pembroke. Its Welsh name is Dinbych y Pysgod.

The little town is full of colour washed houses, with lanes leading down to the harbour.

Castle Hill, the grassy headland that splits Tenby`s two main beaches, has the slight remains of 12th century Tenby Castle, and a statue of Prince Albert.

St. Catherine`s Island, with its Victorian fort, is joined to the mainland at low tide.

The Town Walls are very well preserved, and stand 20 feet high. The Five Arches acts as the main pedestrian entrance into the mediaeval town.

St. Mary`s Church is largely 15th century, and has a 152 feet spire. Giraldus Cambrensis (Gerald of Wales) was Rector in the 1170s.

The oldest house in Tenby is the 15th century Tudor Merchant`s House, now in the care of the National Trust.

The young Henry Tudor, with his uncle Jasper, his in a cave under the town before fleeing the country during the reign of Edward IV.

The painter Augustus John was born at Tenby, and so was the mathematician Robert Recorde, who invented the = (equals) sign.

Places in Tenby

Tenby Station