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Beddgelert is village in Gwynedd, North Wales, in the heart of Snowdonia and 13 miles from Caernarfon.

It is a popular spot with tourists, where the River Colwyn and the River Glaslyn meet below the mountain peaks.

There is a monument just outside the village, marking the burial place of Llewelyn's heroic dog. Left to guard the Prince's baby son, he greeted Llewelyn on his return with blood all round his mouth, and slain in revenge for the baby's awful death.

On closer inspection, though, Llewelyn discovered his son happily gurgling, and an enormous dead wolf nearby.

It's a jolly good story, made up by David Pritchard, the owner of the Royal Goat Inn when he arrived in the village in 1793.

One visitor wrote "not here a greyhound, but a landlord lies".

Beddgelert has a good supply of tea shops.