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Banbury is an interesting market town in Oxfordshire, 25 miles from Oxford. It has a history dating back to the Saxon period.

The town is famous for the nursery rhyme "Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross". Three original crosses were demolished centuries ago, and the present Banbury Cross was erected in 1859, with statues added to celebrate the Coronation of George V. Nearby is a statue of the "fine lady on a white horse", although the whole thing is not in white, but black.

Industries of Banbury included cloth making and Banbury cakes.

The parish church is 18th century. The previous church had been blown up, in preference to being restored.

The Vicarage dates from 1649.

There is a large Market Place.

The Cattle Market is Europe`s largest.

Places in Banbury

Banbury Station, Upton House