Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Working in Northampton

Northampton is another of the places where I worked briefly during my long career managing cinemas and theatres.

In the early 1980s, I had been out of the business for a while, and was managing a scheme to find work for unemployed people living in Rugby.

Thorn-EMI, who ran the famous ABC Cinemas, got in touch and asked if I could turn around the business for their Empire Cinema at Havant. Under normal commercial considerations, the cinema would have closed, but the company had a factory nearby and did not want to lose face with thir local employees.

The upshot was that I accepted the challenge.

However, although I had many years experience, I had not worked for that company before, so spent two or three days at the ABC at Northampton, not too far from where I was living at Rugby, getting to know the company paperwork before actually taking over at Havant.

The Northampton cinema is still there, but now operates as a church.