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Working in Dalston

I worked very briefly in Dalston in the early 1960s.

Dalston is in North London, an inner city area a little further out than Shoreditch.

It was in my early days in the cinema business. At this time I was Assistant Manager at the Ritz in Southend, and I had to spend quite a lot of my time going out on relief. In other words, being in temporary charge of a cinema while the actual Manager was away for a couple of days, or sometimes for a week.

I had to spend two days in charge of the Odeon Dalston, in Kingsland Road, just once.

Most of my colleagues didn`t like going out on relief, but personally I thought it was a very good idea, as I was able to see different ways of doing things, which stood me in good stead later on in my career.

If anybody reading this has any connection with Dalston, or North London in general (Born? Lived? Worked? Ancestors? Relatives?), I will be pleased to hear from them.