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Who Are All These Kings?: Richard Cromwell

Richard Cromwell was not actually a king, but did succeed his father as ruler.

Born in 1626, he was the son of Oliver Cromwell, who had risen to be Lord Protector in 1654.

A hard working, amiable man, willing to work in second rank jobs, he was thrust into power when his father died in 1658, and he had to assume the title of Lord Protector.

But a combination of financial chaos and confrontation between Parliament and the army meant that his regime had little chance of success, and he was overthrown in 1659, acquiring the nickname "Tumbledown Dick", before General Monk brought back Charles II.

He left the country and lived in exile in Paris, returning in 1680 and living in London and in Hampshire.

Richard Cromwell died in 1712, and is buried in London`s Bunhill Fields.