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Where to Find All These Kings

Included in this Journal is a series of articles entitled "Who Are All These Kings?"

This came about when, on Guided Walks and Coach Trips, people kept asking me "Who Are All These Kings?", and wanting to know more about the monarchs mentioned.

Well, I took notice, and for some time now I have been including articles in the Journal about Kings. From time to time add another article about another King.

The idea is eventually, when it is complete, to publish it in book form.

That, however, will be quite some way into the future, as the latest one is John, who died at Newark Castle in 1216.

But in the meantime, a good number of people have expressed interest, and I thought it might be a good idea to compile an interim index.

So here is a list of the articles so far, with the month and year under which you can find them. I hope you find it useful, and the articles interesting.

Who Are All These Kings? Dec 2005

Egbert Jan 2006

Ethelwulf Jan 2006

Ethelbald Feb 2006

Ethelbert Feb 2006

Ethelred I Mar 2006

Alfred Mar 2006

Edward the Elder Apr 2006

Elfward Apr 2006

Athelstan Apr 2006

Edmund I May 2006

Edred May 2006

Edwy Jun 2006

Edgar I Jun 2006

Edward the Martyr Jun 2006

Ethelred II Jul 2006

Sweyn Jul 2006

Edmund II Oct 2006

Cnut Nov 2006

Harold I Dec 2006

Harthacnut Dec 2006

Edward the Confessor Jan 2007

Harold II Jan 2007

Edgar II Feb 2007

William I Mar 2007

William II Mar 2007

Henry I Apr 2007

Stephen Jun 2007

Matilda Nov 2007

Henry II Dec 2007

Richard I Jan 2008

John Mar 2008