Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Visit to London Zoo

I visited the splendid London Zoo recently.

The familiarisation visit was arranged by Jenny Bidwell of the Zooloogical Society of London, for group travel organisers.

London Zoo is beautifully situated in Regents Park, with the Regents Canal running through it.

We were shown lots of the highlights of the zoo, by knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers. We saw monkeys, flamingos, tigers, camels ….

We were also told about two of the attractions lined up for next year. There is to be an amazing gorilla world, where people will be able to get closer to these secretive primates than ever before. And there is also to be a new monkey feature, with walkways at treetop level.

As usual, it was nice and helpful to meet other group travel organisers. There were people from, among other places, Folkestone, Sidcup and Southend.