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Travel Fair at Milestones

I went to another travel trade fair run by Tourism South East recently, this time at Milestones.

Milestones is a museum of bygones in the Hampshire town of Basingstoke, although it is not actually in the town, being a couple of miles out in the middle of what is known as the Leisure Park.

When I arrived at Basingstoke on the train, I began asking people where to catch a bus for Milestones, and was sent to the Bus Station before being sent back to the railway station. I asked ten people, three of whom were bus drivers (who all replied "it`s not one of ours"). Most had not heard of Milestones, but the eleventh person, a lady of mature years, was able to give me precise and correct information. I`m glad I found her.

There are in fact brown tourist signs for Milestones, within the Leisure Park, so once I was in the park there was no problem.

I was able to chat to people representing atractions from a wide area, including Faversham and Blenheim.

I`m glad I have been to Milestones, which has a number of interesting exhibits.