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Trams for Central London

There is a good possibility that trams will be operating a regular service in Central London within a few years.

Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, and London Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy have launched a consultation for the proposed Cross River Tram.

If approved, the service will run from Euston to Waterloo, with branches to Camden Town and Kings Cross in the North, and Brixton and Peckham in the South.

There will be a two minute frequency at stops between Euston and Waterloo, and four minutes along the outer parts of the line.

Subject to funding being available, the Cross River Tram could be running by 2016.

It is strongly believed that this service would act as a catalyst for urban regeneration, and also relieve overcrowding on London's Underground network.

Estimates are that the line would carry in excess of 60 million passengers per year.

Ken Livingstone's policies over the last few years have made London a much easier city to get about in. In particular, the congestion charge has led to far fewer private cars cluttering up the city's streets, making bus journeys much more feasible for Londoners and for the millions of visitors who wish to see the city's world famous sights.