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Trade Show for North East at Liverpool

I went to a trade show regarding tourist attractions and destinations recently.

I attend several of these each year. They are a good way of interacting with people involved like me in tourism, and also of finding out new developments in the field.

This one was to promote places in the North East, and was organised by Steve Reed Tourism.

It didn't take place in the North East, though - it was in the fabulous maritime city of Liverpool.

The venue was the Tate Liverpool, offshoot of the famous galleries in London, and situated close to the River Mersey at the Albert Dock.

I was able to talk to people from such places as Durham, Carlisle, Raby Castle and Hadrian's Wall, as well as other visitors like myself.

Afterwards, I visited The Beatles Story, which I found very enjoyable.

It is always a pleasure coming to these trade shows, and I look forward to the next!