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This Year's London Walks

[An image showing This Year's London Walks]Some readers may know that a couple of times a year I go to London and lead Guided Walks there.

It's always two different walks on the same day, and takes place in the Spring and the Autumn.

These are this year's walks.

Saturday 5 April John Wesleys London. Some of the places associated with this great preacher, the founder of Methodism, and his hymn writer brother Charles. Meet: St. Pauls Cathedral 1pm.

Saturday 5 April The Haunted Capital. Tales of ghosts and the supernatural around the eerie streets of Old London Town. Meet: St. Paul's Cathedral 5pm.

Saturday 8 November Southwark and Bankside. London across the river - theatres, a market, a cathedral and ladies of the night, all beyond the jurisdiction of the City. Meet: St. Paul's Cathedral 1pm.

Saturday 8 November Southwark and Bankside. The courtyards and alleyways off Fleet Street, where the Demon Barber and his lover carried out their terrifying business. Meet: St. Paul's Cathedral 5pm.

In each case, the price is 3.50 when paid for in advance, or the full price of 5.50 on the day.

If you've not been on any of my walks, why not start now?