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Think Family Was a Useful Event

[An image showing Think Family Was a Useful Event]There was a most interesting and useful event held at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester recently.

Entitled "Think Family", it was an all day event organised by Leicester Shire Promotions, and attended by people involved in the management of businesses in the tourism sector, such as attractions and hotels.

Mandy Lane and Chris Veitch led a series of discussions designed to make sure that full advantage is made of the family market. We discussed how to make sure that policies, including ticket prices, are geared up to ensure that families, which can be wider than just Mum and Dad and a couple of children, can visit as easily as possible, and that they actually feel wanted, rather than a nuisance.

The Marriott laid on a fine selection of food and coffee, and the meeting room was excellent. In fact, the whole day was excellent.

Those of us who attended will have gone away with a deeper understanding of the possibilities, and the pitfalls to avoid.

A very good day indeed.