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The Unexpected Kings

[An image showing The Unexpected Kings]Those vital committee members who have to find speakers for their societies` meetings may be interested to know that I have a new talk available for groups.

Entitled "The Unexpected Kings", it looks at some of the men who were expected to become Kings of England, but who did not make it, usually because they died first.

It lso looks at some of the men who were not expected to become Kings, but who were thrust into the forefront of history by some unexpected event.

The first category includes such people as the Black Prince (son of Edward III); Prince Arthur (son of Henry VII); Prince Henry (son of James I); and Prince Eddy (son of the future Edward VII).

In the second category there are well known monarchs like Henry VIII; Charles I; and George VI.

If you would like me to give this talk (or any other, for that matter) to your group, then do feel free to get in touch.