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The Sutton Companion to Local History

An excellent reference book for anybody with an interest of any sort in local history is "The Sutton Companion to Local History".

Compiled by Stephen Friar, it is collected in encyclopaedia form, in other words in alphabetical order, and has a wide selection of articles.

Taken at random, these include "Abbess", "Back Lane", "Cadaver", "Dale", "Eagle", "Faculty", "Galanas", "Habeas Corpus", "Ice House", "Jack", "Keeil", "Labarum", "Magistrate", "Nant", "Oak", "Pack-horse Roads", "Quakers", "Rafter", "Sac and Soc", "Tabard", "Uncial", "Vaccary", "Wagons" and "Yeoman".

And if some of those seem a bit obscure, how about "Acre", "Baptist", "Canals", "Danelaw", "Earthquake", "Fairs", "Gallows", "Hackney Cab", "Inn Signs", "Jews", "Kingdoms (Ancient)", "Ley Lines", "Mail-coach", "Nave", "Oast-house", "Parish", "Quarter Days and Rent Days", "Railways", "Saints", "Telephone Boxes", "Unitarian", "Vikings", "Wall Paintings" and "Yew Trees"?

All in all, a treasure trove of information for anybody who would like to look back at the history of his locality or his family.