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The Oxford Companion to English Literature

A book that is really quite indispensable to anybody involved with writing in practically any way is "The Oxford Companion to English Literature".

This is a pretty big (by today`s standards) book - the sort of book that would really hurt if you got clunked on the head with it.

The original was compiled in 1932, and this updated edition, published in 1985, is edited by the novelist (and sometime actress) Margaret Drabble.

The Companion has entries on a huge number of writers - novelists, playwrights, poets, diarists etc. I checked, and Ms Drabble herself has an entry.

There are also entries on famous works of fiction - novels, plays etc.

Not only that, but there are entries on allied subjects. A quick flip through revealed music and morris dancing.

It is a wonderful book, not just for needed information but for browsing.