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The Crimes of Jack the Ripper

A recently published book which will be of interest to all those with an interest in the history of London and of crime is "The Crimes of Jack the Ripper".

More than a century after he stalked the streets of London`s East End, Jack the Ripper contiues to exert a macabre fascination on the popular imagination.

This book, written by investigative journalist Paul Roland, looks at official documents of the time, and reveals the identity of a new suspect who had never previously been seriously considered. And no, this time it is not a celebrity!

A particular feature of this book is the dateline listing at the end, with significant events in what were known originally as the Whitechapel Murders.

There are a number of Guided Walks on the subject of Jack the Ripper. I myself lead a walk in London with the title "Jack the Ripper", and am planning another to be called "Haunts of Jack the Ripper", while in Leicester I lead a walk called "Victims of Jack the Ripper".