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Still Not Been to Hull

The city of Hull is by far the largest and most important place in England that I have never visited. The only place of a comparable size in Britain where I have never been is Dundee.

But it`s not for the want of trying.

A couple of years ago, a familiarisation day for group travel organisers was arranged through one of the trade magazines. I was booked onto this, but it was cancelled, and when another day was set I was unable to take part.

Recently, the council arranged a series of familiarisation days, and I happily booked a place on one of these, only for it to be cancelled.

However, there was another such day two days later, and I rearranged my diary to attend this one. But the inclement weather caused this too to be cancelled.

I really do want to visit Hull, and can only say that when there is another chance I hope that I am free!