Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Southwold: Old Town By the Sea

Everyone had a lovely time on the trip to Southwold.

I am always delighted to be able to take coach parties to the seaside. I come from by the sea, at Southend, and have lived at Ramsgate and in the Portsmouth area, and I miss the sea very much.

If you ask me about my choice for a seaside visit, Southwold would always come high up on the list.

I always stop for coffee in the morning at somewhere other than motorway services. This time it was at the Huntingdon Garden Centre at Wyton, near Huntingdon. It went down very well, some even saying that they would appreciate a trip to the centre in its own right at some time in the future.

On the way, we drove along back rounds in the lovely county of Suffolk, passing through such lovely villages as Earl Stonham, Peasenhall and Yoxford.

When we got to Southwold it was great to breathe in the North Sea air, and the Guided Walk, looking at the refurbished Pier, and St. Edmund’s Church, and the Lighthouse, went down very well.

Several people used the word “brilliant”! The next time we are going to Suffolk is in January, for the trip to Bury St. Edmunds.