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Some Dates Still Free for Christmas Talks

In the few weeks leading up to Christmas, I usually give a number of talks to groups on a seasonal theme.

In fact, I give talks throughout the year, mostly on aspects of local history, or about my background in the cinema industry, but it`s the Christmas talk invitations that tend to come thick and fast.

I have several Christmas talks available, including "Christmas Readings - Sacred and Otherwise" and "Who is Santa Claus?", but there are two which I am constantly asked to deliver.

"The Holly and the Ivy" looks at Christmas customs, but particularly the customs which are not strictly speaking part of Christmas as a religious celebration, but which have been added over the years. For example, you will not find Christmas trees in the New Testament, or mince pies, or Christmas crackers, or mistletoe, or even Father Christmas himself.

"Ding Dong Merrily on High" gives the background to everybody`s favourite Christmas carols. Some were written by famous poets or composers, some were written under unusual circumstances, and some tell particular stories, not always well known. They all have something interesting about them.

I still have a few slots available for this November and December, so if you would like me to give one of these talks to your group, do get in touch.