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Saying Farewell in 2006

On the last day of the year, it is customary to look back at events that happened over the previous twelve months.

I've put together a list of well-known people who have died during 2006. Obviously, it's only a personal selection - you may well have chosen others.

You may well not admire all the people involved, but they were all prominent in their own fields, and I'm sure you would admire most.

Patrick Allen, actor, 79; June Allyson, singer and actress, 88; Malcolm Arnold, composer, 84; Tony Banks, politician, 62; Gordon Barker, Essex cricketer, 74; Syd Barrett, singer, 60; Raymond Baxter, TV presenter, 84; Eric Bedser, Surrey cricketer, 87; Peter Benchley, author, 63; James Brown, singer, 73; Red Buttons, actor, 87; Robert Carrier, cookery writer, 82; Ivor Cutler, poet, 83; Desmond Dekker, singer, 64; Ahmet Ertegun, record producer, 83; Richard Fleischer, film director, 89; Gerald Ford, U.S. President, 93; Glenn Ford, actor, 90; William Franklyn, actor, 81; John Kenneth Galbraith, economist, 97; Alan Freeman, disc jockey, 79; Freddie Garrity, singer, 65; Ron Greenwood, football manager, 84; Geoff Griffin, South Africa cricketer, 67; Kenneth Griffith, actor, 84; Charles Haughey, Irish politician, 80; Steve Irwin, TV presenter, 44; John Junkin, writer and actor, 76; Freddie Laker, airline pioneer, 83; John Lyall, football manager, 66; Henry McGee, actor, 76; Slobodan Milosevic, Serbian politician, 64; Peter Osgood, footballer, 59; Buck Owens, singer, 76; Jack Palance, actor, 87; Jackie Pallo, wrestler, 80; Floyd Patterson, boxer, 71; Lynne Perrie, actress, 74; Wilson Pickett, singer, 64; Augusto Pinochet, Chilean dictator, 91; Gene Pitney, singer, 65; Billy Preston, singer, 59; Ferenc Puskas, Hungary footballer, 79; Wasim Raja, Pakistan cricketer, 54; Sol Raye, singer, 60; Moira Redmond, actress, 77; Saddam Hussein, Iraqi dictator, 69; Moira Shearer, dancer, 90; Muriel Spark, author, 88; Mickey Spillane, author, 88; Freddie Trueman, Yorkshire and Derbyshire cricketer, 75; Polly Umrigar, India cricketer, 80; Clyde Walcott, West Indies cricketer, 80; Caspar Weinberger, U.S. politician, 89; Jack Wild, actor, 53; Charlie Williams, comedian, 78; Neil Williams, Middlesex and Essex cricketer, 43; Shelley Winters, actress, 85.

Farewell to all.