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Robin Performs in West Side Story

My youngest son Robin, now studying at Salford University, took part in a production of "West Side Story" recently.

This wonderful musical, with music by Leonard Bernstein, words by Stephen Sondheim and play ("Romeo and Juliet") by William Shakespeare, and for which Jerome Robbins choreographed the film, is probably my favourite musical ever, with the possible exception of Cole Porter`s "Kiss Me Kate" (another Skakespeare adaptation).

My wife Anne went up to Salford with a friend to watch the production, and they were both wowed by it. I would have loved to have been there, but was already committed on the day, which was really disappointing.

Robin played Diesel, one of the Jets, the part which includes the role of the Judge in "Gee Officer Krupke".

Cor, I wish I could do that.