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Roadside Cafes and Truckstops

"Roadside Cafes and Truckstops" is an invaluable litle book for somebody like me who organises Coach Trips.

I always make a stop in the morning, on the way to our destination, but wherever possible this is at a place which is iteresting in its own right. It can be at a garden centre, castle, farm, museum, sculpture park ....

Coming back it`s a bit more problematical, as all the interesting places have closed. That`s when the motorway services come into play, in particular those run by Road Chef, who I feel are by the most helpful.

This little book, published by the Automobile Association, gives me more options. It lists lots of cafes that are clean, friendly and offer value for money. Not all are of use to me as they close earlier (having opened early in the morning), but most give me the possibility of a good stop.

The one that we have used quite often is the excellent Farm Cafe and Bar (usually known as the Farm Stop) at Fleet Hargate near Holbeach. But I`m sure there will be more.