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Richard Todd

The film star Richard Todd has died.

Slightly built and only five feet eight, he nevertheless had the boyish good looks that made him one of the most popular actors in the 1950s.

He came from an Anglo-Irish background, and received his education at Shrewsbury School.

One of his most popular parts was in the title role in a swashbuckling Walt Disney version of the Robin Hood story, but it was his ability to portray stiff upper lip wartime characters that brought him his most lasting fame.

Of these, the best remembered was as Guy Gibson in "The Dam Busters".

Parts dried up a little as he grew older, but he made a fine lawyer in Sidney J. Furie`s "The Boys", alongside a gang of young thugs who included Ronald Lacey and Dudley Sutton, and he played the part of Heathcliff in a TV production of "Wuthering Heights", while late in life he appeared in "Heartbeat".

Richard Todd was 90.