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Radio Leicester Forty Years Old

[An image showing Radio Leicester Forty Years Old]A significant anniversary this year will be the 40th birthday of the BBC's first local radio station.

In 1967, hard on the heels of introducing Radio One to counteract the popularity of the pirate radio stations, the BBC decided that it would be a good idea to set up local stations.

The first city to get this honour was Leicester.

BBC Radio Leicester was set up in 1967 and until a couple of years ago was situated in Epic House in Charles Street, above what is now Wilkinsons. The present building, in St. Nicholas Place, was purpose-built.

I used to be a very frequent guest on a number of programmes, notably with John Florance, Monica Winfield and Colin Green. But a change in management led to several presenters leaving the station and a number of frequent guests, including myself, becoming less welcome.

Funnily enough, most people didn't notice, and still believe that I pop up from time to time.