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Norman Tells of His Working Life

The recent Community History Network meeting in Leicester was even more enjoyable than usual.

The talk this time was by Norman Pilgrim, an old friend, whose talks are always well presented.

Norman spoke on "My Working Life", which involved working in the radio and TV industry as well as some hilarious asides, including when he was a very young man working for a chemist and was in charge of testing urine samples.

Apparently you only need a little bit, but Norman used to be regularly given great bottles of the stuff.

I thought he was taking the mickey, as it were, but I'm assured that every word was true.

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the talk.

The Community History Network is open to everybody, free of charge, who has any interest in any aspect of local history. The meetings are held at the Reference Library in Bishop Street.

At the next meeting, in June, the speaker will be yours truly. I will be speaking on "The Illustrious Earls of Leicester".

Do come!