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Mystery Weekend Led to Yorkshire

My wife and I went on a Mystery Weekend Coach Tour recently. It is increasingly rare for us to have any time together.

This was part of the programme organised by National Holidays.

I have always like the concept of the mystery tour, and working out where we might be going. Unfortunately, there was a minimum of that this time.

We started from St. Margarets Bus Station in Leicester on the Saturday morning, and within an hour of leaving our driver had deemed it necessary to tell us where we would be staying for the night. Rather a disappointment, that.

We stopped at Harrogate for the afternoon. It`s an interesting town, and we enjoyed being there. It wasn`t much of a surprise, though. We were given hints, which made it pretty obvious where we were going. Bit of a disappointment.

We stayed overnight at a hotel by a roundabout on the outskirts of Leeds (Yorkshire). It was a perfectly decent hotel, and had the added interest of incorporating the remains of a windmill.

On the Sunday morning, we set off for York, the subject of barely disguised hints. Well, it`s always good to visit York. While there, we went to a service at York Minster.

In spite of the disappointments, we both enjoyed the weekend.