Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Mystery Weekend

I went, with my wife Anne, on a Mystery Weekend by coach recently with National Holidays.

It`s always nice for me to sit back and be taken once in a while, as opposed to doing the organising and the guiding.

And I love the concept of the Mystery Tour. Even if I know the driver, I always insist that he doesn`t tell me where we`re going. It`s great to work it out.

We left St. Margarets Bus Station in Leicester on the Saturday morning, and drove Northwest, stopping at Keele Services for coffee etc.

We arrived in the fabulous city of Liverpool in the early afternoon, and spent a decent amount of time there. There was an exhibition of work by Marc Chagall at the Tate Liverpool in Albert Dock, so we visited that. Afterwards we strolled along the waterfront, in beautiful weather, and renewed acquaintance with Matthew Street.

The overnight stay was at a hotel in Leigh.

On the Sunday morning, the weather had changed, and it was now windy and rainy. The coach took us to Southport, where we walked to Southport Pier in the rain, but were not able to get on the pier as it had been closed because of the weather, which also caused the cancellation of the Air Show. Nevertheless, we had a good time in Lord Street, in the shops and tea rooms.

We stopped for coffee at Sandbach Services on the way back.

It was an excellent weekend.