Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Mystery Coach Weekend

My wife Anne and I recently took part in a Mystery Coach Weekend with National Holidays.

This is enjoyable for me in two ways. Firstly, it`s nice to be just taken, without any responsibility for anything, so I have a better chance of relaxing. Secondly, the idea of a mystery appeals to me. I like the guessing where we might be going.

On this occasion, after we left Leicester we travelled up to Bakewell, a town which I have always liked. We had a look around the splendid church.

From there, we moved on to Botany Bay, the enormous mill at Chorley which is now a retail centre.

We stayed overnight at a hotel on the outskirts of Bolton.

In the morning, we moved Westwards until we arrived at Liverpool, another place which I am very happy to visit. We strolled along the fabulous Waterfront, and visited the Walker Art Gallery, where there was an exhibition of work by David Hockney.

And of course we both enjoyed the weekend.