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London's City Churches

A smashing little book of interest to anybody who is keen on history, in particular London, and in particular churches, is "London's City Churches".

This excellent little book is written by Stephen Millar.

On the front cover, we are told that "London's City Churches hold tales of life, love, death and destruction in the shadow of the modern city." I wouldn't argue with that.

It starts with an informative overview of the history of London and its churches, followed by a map of the City showing church locations.

There is then an alphabetical listing of all the extant churches in the City, with an article and photograph about each.

These range from All Hallows by the Tower through St. Clement Eastcheap, St. Margaret Pattens and St. Olave Hart Street to St. Vedast alias Foster, and followed by some that do not fall into the usual categories, such as the Temple Church.

There is even, most unusually, a listing of the remaining towers of churches still standing after the destruction caused by the Blitz.

Stephen Millar's book is highly recommended.

And if you are really interested in the subject, one of my popular Guided Walks in the City is "Churches of London".