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London Walks Were Again Much Enjoyed

[An image showing London Walks Were Again Much Enjoyed]I had another of my days in London recently leading two different Guided Walks.

Three times a year I do this, which makes it convenient for people travelling into the capital from other towns and cities. One train fare, or one coach fare, is all that`s necessary to get to London and take part in both.

This time, the first of the two was "Churches of London". Starting at Fenchurch Street Station, I showed participants an amazing number of churches in the City, as well as the sites of many more that have been since been demolished.

A little later it was "Jack the Ripper". This walk started at Whitechapel Station, in the East End, and included all the definite murder sites as well as some of those that may have been perpetrated by the same unknown fiend. I also pointed out a number of other sites of importance to the story, and discussed some of the candidates for the identity of Jack the Ripper.

The date for my next London walks is Saturday 21st April, when I will be leading "Faith in London" and "Haunted Westminster".