Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

London Walks Coming Soon

Everybody who enjoys my Guided Walks in London will be pleased to know that my next London Walks day will be in a few weeks` time.

As always, there are two walks on the same day, and this time the date is Saturday 23rd July.

The earlier walk is "City Gardens", looking at some of the pocket-sized gardens which have been created in the City of London, many of them from old churchyards. The starting point is St. Pauls Cathedral (the Queen Anne Statue) at 1pm.

Later on the same day it`s "The Grim Reapers London", in which we look at some of the ways in which Death has made his presence felt in the City, such as murder, execution, plague etc. This walk starts at Fenchurch Street Station at 5pm.

For each walk the cost per person is 6 on the day, or 5 when paid in advance.