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Literary London

[An image showing Literary London]"Literary London" is a book which all students of London heritage will wish to own.

Described as "a street-by-street exploration of the capital`s literary heritage", it is written by the very knowledgeable Ed Glinert, author of that indispensable work "The London Compendium".

Ed takes London area by area, and then street by street, uncovering places where authors, poets etc lived, or where stories are set.

For example, along Fleet Street he finds Anthony Hope Hawkins working out the plot for "The Prisoner of Zenda"; the Temple Bar, where Daniel Defoe spent time in the pillory; Prince Henry`s Room, with an exhibition devoted to Samuel Pepys; the former London Daily News office, where Arthur Machen was sacked for writing an obituary which was too honest; and El Vino`s, the newspaper world`s favourite wine bar.

Ed Glinert`s work is always fascinating, and thoroughly recommended.