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John Betjeman: City of London Churches

[An image showing John Betjeman: City of London Churches]One of the finest London books, a real classic, is now back in print.

"City of London Churches", by John Betjeman, is one of a number of books dealing with the splendid collection of churches in the City. It is published by Pitkin Books, who are famous for their publications on historic cities and cathedrals.

It starts with an article on "The Medieval City of London", and continues with "Wren - A Man of the Renaissance".

There is then an essay on each of the remaining churches.

John Betjeman, who rose to be Poet Laureate, was a national treasure, being interested in and expert on subjects as diverse as Cornwall, steam railways, Southend, mediaeval churches and seaside piers.

He was Churchwarden at St. Vedast-alias-Foster, near St. Pauls Cathedral, and had a home in Cloth Fair, near St. Bartholomew the Great.