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James Bond Gets a Museum

The famous spy James Bond 007 has now got a museum dedicated to his life and times.

Unfortunately for British fans of this superhero, the museum is in Japan, so it will be quite a journey to get there.

The James Bond 007 Museum is situated on the small Japanese island of Naoshima, which was the setting for a Bond novel called “The Man with the Red Tattoo”, written by Raymond Benson.

Although Ian Fleming, the Bond creator, died some years ago, others, including Kingsley Amis, have been writing novels in the same vein.

The museum contains memorabilia from successful Bond films, with Sean Connery, Roger Moore and others in the lead role. There is also a giant model heart which was featured in the novel set on the island.

Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel was “Casino Royale”, and the first to be films was “Dr. No”, which propelled both Sean Connery and Ursula Andress to stardom.