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Jalna Tells of Girls` Education

[An image showing Jalna Tells of Girls` Education]I went to the Community History Network meeting in Leicester recently.

This network is open to anybody in the Leicester area who has an interest in some aspect of local history. It could be family history, or the story of your village, or house, or church, or employer, or just an interest in history generally.

It costs nothing.

The meetings take place every other month, and there is always a speaker. I have myself given the talk on several occasions.

This time, the talk was by Jalna Edwards, who has also contributed on a number of occasions.

Jalna`s talk was "Out of Ignorance?", and told of girls` education in Leicester during the 20th century. She began with some of the old wives` tales which were current in the 50s, and may well still be believed in today. For example, it is terribly bad luck to cut your nails on a Friday or a Sunday.

Jalna spoke of the improving standards in education for girls, and about the splendid schools and teachers that she had encountered.

If you are interested in coming to these meetings, they are normally held at the Reference Library in Bishop Street. I will be pleased to give details if you would like to get in touch.