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I Never Knew That About London

[An image showing I Never Knew That About London]A book that all those interested in Britain`s heritage, and particularly the heritage of London, will be interested in is "I Never Knew That About London".

Written by Christopher Winn, it is on the same lines as his very successful "I Never Knew That About England".

As the dustcover says "discover hundreds of fascinating facts about London in this enthralling micellany".

Starting quite properly with the City, he moves out into the various villages and districts that make up our capital, and reveals little known facts about some familiar sights and others that are nwhere near as well known.

For example, Burlington Arcade off Piccadilly is Britain`s longest shopping arcade; Vauxhall gave its name to the Russian word for station; and England`s first fuchsia was grown at Wapping.

It`s one of the most fascinating books about London that I have encountered.