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"Haunted London" Book

All those interested in haunted places will be pleased to know that a glossy book called “Haunted London” has recently been published.

This interesting book is written by Richard Jones, with atmospheric photographs by Chris Coe.

According to the jacket, “London has a reputation for being the world’s most haunted capital, with ghosts from every era and in all parts of the city. Spectres can be found in every kind of location, from pubs, hotels and theatres to bridges, monuments and parks.

Jones takes nine areas of London and describes several hauntings in each.

Some of the haunted places featured include St. James Garlickhythe; St. Bartholomew’s Hospital; the London Palladium; and St. Pauls Cathedral.

Of course, if you really want to experience the eerie streets of Old London Town, you could try my Guided Walks “Haunted London” and “The Haunted Capital”.

The “Haunted London” book should be available at good bookshops.