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Happy New Year

On 1st January 2006, may I wish everybody who might come across this Journal (and I hope plenty do) a very Happy New Year.

Yes, 2005 has had more then its fair share of bad things – some natural disasters (or might they have been hastened by mankind’s actions?) and some events caused frankly by wickedness.

But we’ve had plenty of good things, too. Look at sport as it affects this country, for example.

On Christmas Day I itemised some things that had happened on 25th December. Here, for your delight, is some stuff that happened on 1st January.

These people were born.

Lorenzo de Medici, Italian patron of the arts 1449; Paul Revere, American Civil War hero 1735; James Frazier, anthropologist who wrote “The Golden Bough” 1854; E.M.Forster, English author of “A Passage to India” 1879; William Fox, American film pioneer 1879; J. Edgar Hoover, top man of the F.B.I. 1895; Xavier Cugat, Latin American bandleader 1901; Dana Andrews, American film star 1909; Kim Philby, diplomat who defected to the Soviet Union 1912; J.D.Salinger, American author of “The Catcher in the Rye” 1920; Joe Orton, English author who was born in Leicester 1933; George Lucas, American film maker who created “Star Wars” 1944; Lawrence Rowe, West Indian cricketer 1949; Grandmaster Flash, rap artist 1957; Ralf Little, English comedy actor 1980.

These people died.

James Edward Stuart, the Old Pretender 1766; John Pounds, social reformer 1839; Edwin Lutyens, English architect who created the Cenotaph and a number of War Memorials including those at Leicester and Southend 1944; Maurice Chevalier, French singer 1972; L. Ron Hubbard, American science fiction writer and creator of Scientology 1986; Andrew Lees, conservation campaigner 1995; Fred West, serial murderer 1995; Graham Kersey, Surrey cricketer 1997; Frank Muir, English comedian and scriptwriter 1998; Cyril Shaps, British actor 2003; Charlie Elliott, cricket umpire 2004.

1st January is also notable for the following reasons.

St. Almachius; Julian Calendar introduced in Rome 45BC; Gregorian Calendar introduced in Germany 1583; Samuel Pepys began Diary 1660; Travellers cheques introduced 1772; Iron Bridge opened to traffic 1781; Daily Universal Register (later The Times) began publication 1785; Import of slaves into United States illegal 1808; First meeting of reformed Leicester Council 1836; First British trademark – Bass Pale Ale 1876; Belgrave Road Station in Leicester opened 1883; Victoria Empress of India 1887; Nets introduced in football goalmouths 1890; Old Age Pension introduced in Germany 1891; Manchester Ship Canal opened 1894; First U.K. registration plate issued 1904; Trans Siberian Railway opened 1905; Old Age pension introduced in U.K.1909; First scheduled airline, in Florida 1914; Prohibition introduced in United States 1920; Coal nationalised 1947; British Railways nationalised 1948; Luncheon Vouchers introduced 1955; European Economic Community (Common Market) began1958; Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba 1959; Birth control pill launched in U.K.1960; The Beatles rejected by Decca 1962; “Top of the Pops”, hosted by Jimmy Savile, first broadcast 1964; Stanley Matthews, footballer, knighted 1965; U.K. joined E.E.C.1973; Czechoslovakia split into Czech Republic and Slovakia 1993.

So there!

A very happy, peaceful and successful New Year to everybody.