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Guided Walks in London

[An image showing Guided Walks in London]I recently had another of my days in London, leading two different Guided Walks.

On this occasion, the first was "Handel to Hendrix". Starting at Eros in Piccadilly Circus, the route was around the contrasting Soho and Mayfair districts of the West End.

I was able to show participants places associated with many musicians of varying kinds, including not only George Frederick Handel and Jimi Hendrix, but the Beatles, William Blake, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Oasis, Jessie Matthews and the Bee Gees.

Later on the same day, it was one of my Ghost Walks, "The Haunted Capital". Starting at St. Pauls Cathedral, I visited eerie sites in the Smithfield and Clerkenwell areas.

It won`t be long until my next London walks. On Saturday 16 March, it`s "Waterside London" and "Jack the Ripper".