Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Greenbelt Festival

During 2011, I went to the Greenbelt Festival for the third year running, with my wife Anne and several friends.

Greenbelt, a Christian festival, is held at Cheltenham Racecourse. We are there for the whole festival, leaving home early on the Friday morning and getting back home late on Monday night.

Until my first visit to Greenbelt, I had never spent a night in a tent, but am a bit of an old hand at it now. I had been a little worried about slugs and caterpillars and similar people strolling about on me, but this actually doesn`t happen!

For me, one of the main attractions is th music. This time, I enjoyed performances by, among others, Liam Blake; Billy Bragg; Luke Jackson; Kate Rusby; Show of Hands; Duke Special; and Mavis Staples.

Tickets are booked already for 2012!