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Greenbelt Fabulous as Ever Despite the Weather

My wife Anne and I, together with a group of friends, went to the wonderful Greenbelt Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse again recently. It was the fourth consecutive year that I had been.

Essentially a Christian festival, it affords a wonderful selection of things to do. Yes of course worship and theological discussion is available, but there is also a wide range of music, poetry, film, lectures etc etc.

We did have to contend with the weather this year. On the Saturday, there was a deluge of Biblical proportions. Our campsite was flooded, and we did consider leaving. But of course we are made of sterner stuff than that, and stayed.

I was left with the clothes I stood up in. The water that rushed through the tent rendered dirty clothes waiting to go home to be washed, as well as clean clothes waiting to be worn, unwearable. Not only were they soaked, they were soaked with thick mud. On the Sunday morning, I took the bus into Cheltenham town centre and bought new clothes from Primark!

As always, I enjoyed myself immensely. On the Friday, I watched the Leisure Society, followed by Bruce Cockburn.

On the Saturday, before the deluge proper when the ground underfoot was merely rather difficult, I went to a lecture by Diarmaid MacCulloch, followed by another talk by Peter Owen-Jones.

On the Sunday, I watched the Proclaimers, and afterwards watched Luke Jackson.

Then on the Sunday, apart from brief toilet and coffee forays, I was by the front of the stage from 1pm to 9.30pm, in the rain. I watchd Folk On, Karine Polwart, Seth Lakeman, the Imagined Village and Bellowhead.

Then we came home. Another fabulous weekend. Have you not been to Greenbelt? You really should!