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Great Days Out Fair

I went to an excellent trade show for group travel organisers recently in the North of England.

Known as the Great Days Out Fair, it is an annual show held at Bolton.

For several years, I had been told by a good number of colleagues that this is an excellent show, but it always clashed with other things that I was doing.

Last year, however, I successfully kept the date free, and attended the show, at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton Wanderers` football ground. I was very impressed with the number and quality of exhibitors, and made sure that I attended again in 2009.

This year it was held in a different venue, only yards away from the football ground, at the Bolton Arena. I have to say that the ambience at the Arena is streets better than at the football ground, so it turned out to be an even more interesting and enjoyable day than before.

I was able to talk to people representing a great variety of locales, predominantly but not entirely in the North, including the Black Country; Colchester; Leeds (Yorkshire); Newcastle-upon-Tyne; and Southport.