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Goodbyes Said in 2007

On the last day of the year, it is fitting that we should look back to some of the people who passed away in 2007.

It is more personal than usual this year, as we had a family bereavement. David Copson, my wife Anne's brother, died suddenly and unexpectedly in October, at the tragically early age of 46.

And we have just learned that Dennis Richards, who was the second husband of my ex-wife Judy, died just after Christmas at 84.

It has been a difficult year.

Other people whose passing should be noted are Michelangelo Antonioni, Italian film director, 94; Molly Badham, founder of Twycross Zoo, 93; Alan Ball, England footballer, 61; Ingmar Bergman, Swedish film director, 89; Benazir Bhutto, Pakistani politician, 54; Paul Channon, politician, 71; Jean-Pierre Cassel, French actor, 75; Yvonne de Carlo, U.S. film star, 84; William Deedes, journalist, 94; Peter Denning, cricketer, 57; Derek Dougan, Northern Ireland footballer, 69; Gareth Hunt, actor, 65; John Inman, comedian, 71; Barbara Kelly, radio presenter, 82; Deborah Kerr, film star, 86; Evel Knievel, U.S. motorcyclist, 69; Verity Lambert, TV producer, 71; Ken Leek, Wales footballer, 74; Moira Lister, actress, 84; Colin McRae, racing driver, 39; Magnus Magnusson, TV presenter, 77; Norman Mailer, U.S. novelist, 84; Tommy Makem, Irish singer, 74; Bernard Manning, comedian, 75; Marcel Marceau, French mime artist, 84; Peter Marner, cricketer, 71; Lois Maxwell, actress, 80; George Melly, jazz singer and art critic, 80; Arthur Milton, England footballer and cricketer, 80; Sheridan Morley, theatre critic, 65; James Oyebola, boxer, 47; Graham Paddon, footballer, 57; Luciano Pavarottil, Italian singer, 71; Oscar Peterson, Canadian jazz pianist, 82; Bill Pinkney, U.S. singer, 81; Mike Reid, comedian and actor, 67; Ian Richardson, actor, 72; Anita Roddick, founder of Body Shop, 64; Anton Rodgers, actor, 74; Derek Shackleton, cricketer, 83; Ned Sherrin, TV producer, 83; Ian Smith, Rhodesian politician, 88; Karlheinz Stockhausen, German composer, 79; Ike Turner, U.S. guitarist, 79; Chad Varah, founder of Samaritans, 95; Kurt Vonnegut, U.S. novelist, 84; Bob Woolmer, cricket coach, 58; Boris Yeltsin, Russian politician, 76.

Rest in peace, everybody.