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Goodbye 2009 Hello 2010

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to everybody. I hope that everything happens in 2010 that you would wish to happen.

Let`s remember that, in spite of all the worries that most of us have, whether personal, local or global, it is still a beautiful world. Let`s all try to keep it that way, and even perhaps make it better.

For the last couple of years I have recorded here some of the people who have passed away in the year just gone by, and here is my list for 2009. You might want to include others.

Hylton Ackerman, cricketer (62); Terence Alexander, actor (86); Henry Allingham, ex serviceman (113); Corazon Aquino, politician (76); J. G. Ballard, novelist (78); Ray Barrett, actor (82); Bryan Barron, actor (69); Gene Barry, actor (90); Lennie Bennett, comedian (69); Ali Bongo, magician (79); Eric Boswell, songwriter (88); Jack Cardiff, cinematographer (94); David Carradine, actor (72); Cahal Daly, Cardinal (92); Dave Dee, singer (67); Simon Dee, broadcaster (74); Duke D`Mond, singer (Barron Knights) (66); Farrah Fawcett, actress (62); Keith Floyd, chef and TV personality (65); Clinton Ford, singer (77); Clement Freud, politician, writer and TV personality (84); Bill Frindall, cricket statistician (69); Steven Gateley, singer (33); Jade Goody, TV personality (27); Tommy Greenhough, England cricketer (77); Ellie Greenwich, songwriter (68); Reg Gutteridge, boxing commentator (84); Tony Hart, artist and TV presenter (83); Edmund Hockridge, singer (89); Michael Jackson, singer and dancer (50); Maurice Jarre, composer (84); Ingemar Johansson, world champion boxer (76); Jennifer Jones, actress (90); Edward Judd, actor (76); Edward Kennedy, politician (77); Ludovic Kennedy, politician, writer and broadcaster (89); Walter Kronkite, political commentator (92); Danny La Rue, female impersonator (81); Terry Lawless, boxing promoter (75); Dilys Laye, actress (74); Patrick McGoohan, actor (80); Al Martino, singer (82); Angela Morley (formerly Wally Stott), orchestra leader (84); John Mortimer, dramatist (85); Norman Painting, actor (85); Les Paul, musician and inventor (94); Steve Race, musician and broadcaster (88); Wendy Richard, actress (65); Natasha Richardson, actress (45); Bobby Robson, England footballer and manager (76); Albert Scanlon, footballer (74); Aaron Schroeder, songwriter (83); David Shepherd, cricketer and umpire (68); Marianne Stone, actress (87); Mollie Sugden, actress (86); Patrick Swayze, actor and dancer (57); David Taylor, M.P.(63); Richard Todd, actor (90); Mary Travers, singer (Peter Paul and Mary) (72); John Updike, novelist (76); David Vine, TV presenter (73); Ian Wallace, singer and broadcaster (90); Gordon Waller, singer (Peter and Gordon) (64); Keith Waterhouse, humourist (80); Joseph Wiseman, actor (Dr. No) (91); Edward Woodward, actor (79).

To all these, thanks for the pleasure you have given us.